Click the link in the email we sent to to verify your email address and activate your job alert. Submit Request. Gunsaulus Hall offers third-year and fourth-year students the benefits of apartment-style living right on campus in a 10-story building on SouthMichigan Avenue. Gunsaulus was a very active collector of books and artwork. Student Health and Wellness Center: Dale, an industrial engineering student). Illinois Institute of Technology announced, on September 27, 2022, a historic $1 billion fundraising campaign to further Illinois Tech's founding mission to uplift people from all backgrounds with a technology- and professional-oriented education that will help meet the needs of the age. Don't worry, we can still help! Your name required. Gunsaulus was a tireless lecturer who not only delivered stirring sermons from his pulpit, but also traveled extensively throughout the country and England to speak by invitation at schools, churches, and many other public venues. Opened in 1915, Convocation Hall (also commonly known as Old Arts) is definitely in the running for the closest thing to Hogwarts on campus. During World War I, Gunsaulus did not agree with critics who argued that the war proved that Christianity was impotent in providing moral guidance to national leaders. ETS Bus 5 & 8 stop at 93 St and 118 Ave Miscellaneous minutes, 1877-1981, 039.01.53. This forum was perfect for Gunsaulus who, along with other great orators of the day such as William Jennings Bryan, Maud Ballington Booth, Robert La Follette, Joseph Folk, and Hiram Johnson, provided culture and entertainment to small towns. University Archives and Special Collections. An example of his philosophy put into action was the establishment of a four-year course in Fire Protection Engineering at the Armour Institute of Technology. Illinois Tech Public Safety: Gunsaulus Hall Interior, 3, Box: SS-2. The building is located at 3140 South Michigan. Apply today, visit us in Chicago, and contact us for more information. 127 boxes of photographs of Illinois Institute of Technology campus, events, and people. AboutGunsaulus Hall - Illinois Institute of Technology Housing. In collections Architecture and the Illinois Tech Campus Details Department The building is located at 3140 South Michigan Avenue. Project Manager- Investigator Initiated Trials (IIT) Edmonton. B. Taft, O. W. Wright, Bion J. Arnold, Rensselaer W. Cox, Dr. O. S. Davis, E. A. Bancroft, Frederick U. Smith, and E. D. Hulbert. She soon added classes in wood carving, tile-making, freehand and mechanical drawing, and design. Gunsaulus actively promoted the advancement of fine art programs within an educational context and preached that art museums, libraries and laboratories should work with colleges and universities to share enlightenment and appreciation of art. Dr. Gunsaulus came to Chicago when the city was swept up with a sense of urban revival after the Great Fire of 1871 and civic pride sparked by the prospect of hosting an exposition to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Columbus' epic journey to the New World. Below, please find related information to help you with your job search. Ideally, he said, education should prepare one to perform in the service of fellow men, which requires instruction and discipline. The buildings under construction include Gunsaulus Hall, Carman Hall, Bailey Hall, Cunningham Hall, Fowler Hall, and the dorms which later came to be known as the McCormick Student . Office of Communications and Marketing photographs, 1905-1999, 036.04.01. In the evening of Friday, November 20, 2020, Illinois Tech Public Safety received a report of gunshots heard around 9:00 p.m. near 31st Street and Michigan. This is also unfortunately not the first instance of gun violence on or near Illinois Techs campus as well. He suffered from several debilitating illnesses in his final years, but kept working at the Armour Institute while maintaining a demanding lecture schedule. A back-to-basics magnet school that accepts students from throughout Chicago, the Academy received the School of Excellence Award in 2002. Main Campus Non-Emergency: 1.312.808.6300 He represented the county for four years, served on the Military Committee where he advised Governors William Dennison and David Tod during the Civil War, and was chair of the Committee on Municipal Corporations. According to Gunsaulus' friends, the Chautauqua chairman once said that he had "the distinguished honor of introducing Mr. Savonarola, who would deliver his lecture on Gunsaulus." Institution . He served as a board member of the Art Institute of Chicago (Gunsaulus Hall is named after him) and was founding board member of the Field Museum of Natural History where there is another Gunsaulus Hall. Minutes of various organizations, committees, councils, and associations at Illinois Institute of Technology, Armour Institute of Technology, Armour Research Foundation, and IIT Research Institute. He guest-lectured there on "The Messages of the Great English Poets" and later referred to the programs at Johns Hopkins as an educational model. The buildings being razed include the Masser Hotel and Brown Hall. His extraordinary energy, masterful oratory skills, and intellectual talents influenced the city's spiritual, educational, cultural, and civic development for decades. Firstly, there is frankly little a Public Safety or Chicago Police Department officer posted on 31st and Michigan on the night of the shooting could have done to stop said shooting, apart from passive deterrence, and inserting another figure into a volatile situation could likely only escalate things, making things worse and putting more peoples lives at risk. He was a prominent figure in Chicago's social, educational, and civic improvements. If you have other requests, such as for digitization services, or have questions, please email, 35 West 33rd Street | Chicago, IL | 60616, University Archives and Special Collections, Paul V. Galvin Library. Building Reference files, 1896-2013, 037.06.01. The content and policies ofthis handbook are subject to modification throughout the academic year. The civic pride, unity, energy, and vision generated by the project is fondly remembered by Chicagoans who refer to this part of the City's history as "the World's Fair period.". His father, Joseph, was an attorney and notary public in Chesterville who was born on a farm in Cayuga County, New York on April 29, 1825. Bullet found in Gunsaulus Hall window, campus concerns, and our place in Bronzeville. Illinois Tech students and the campus as a whole are guests in the Bronzeville community, not the other way around, and we need to consider our place in it and take a critical look at the misconception that it is our right to change the community to serve us. Paul V. Galvin Library. '", Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Internet Archive: Details: Monk and Knight: An Historical Study in Fiction, Internet He also was the founder of Gunsaulus Scholastic Academy in Chicago, Illinois. Clipped pages from the 1950 Integral, describing Gunsaulus Hall and offering photographs of family life inside its apartments (featuring the family of L.E. He graduated from Wesleyan in 1875 at the age of 19 and was married that year to Georgeanna (Anna), daughter of George Long of Parsons, West Virginia and 1875 graduate of Ohio Wesleyan Female College. Paul V. Galvin Library . The collection also includes Student Independent 2:. Gunsaulus Hall flyer, 1952. In addition to guiding the early development of the Armour Mission, his ideas are credited with inspiring the founding of the Chicago Sunday Evening Club in 1907, a spiritual forum that eventually incorporated radio and television broadcasts that are still aired today by WTTW-TV, the Public Broadcasting Station in Chicago. Gunsaulus Hall Exterior, 2, Box: SS-2. Gunsaulus Hall was designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and was constructed in 1949-1950. The University of Alberta, its buildings, labs, and research stations are primarily located on the traditional territory of Cree, Blackfoot, Mtis, Nakota Sioux, Iroquois, Dene, and Ojibway/Saulteaux/Anishinaabe nations; lands that are now known as part of Treaties 6, 7, and 8 and homeland of the Mtis. It is recommended that graduate students submit contracts for housing as early as possible. Gunsaulus Hall - Illinois Institute of Technology Housing is located at 3140 S Michigan Ave in Chicago, Illinois 60616. Facebook post and discussion about the incident: Building Reference files, 1896-2013, 037.06.01. Date . Frank Wakely Gunsaulus was born in Chesterville, Morrow County, Ohio on January 1, 1856, the son of Joseph and Mary (Hawley) Gunsaulus. Accessed January 18, 2023. Click to expose navigation links on mobile. It is not. Gunsaulus lent his enthusiasm, leadership and advice in the school's early years. Gunsaulus also spoke out for the freedom of Cuba in 1895 and for fair treatment of both Puerto Rico and the Philippines after the SpanishAmerican War. . The upper level contains galleries that contain modern and contemporary collections considered to be one of the finest and most comprehensive in the world. Also, inspection openings were made to evaluate condition of shelf angles, anchorage, and embedded reinforcement. University Archives and Special Collections. Paul V. Galvin Library., Architecture and the Illinois Tech Campus, 6-5 Humanities Centre University Archives and Special Collections Repository. ABC 7 news report on paintball/pellet gun shootings:, Bullet found in Gunsaulus Hall window, campus concerns, and our place in Bronzeville., Gunsaulus Hall - Illinois Institute of Technology Housing can be contacted via phone at (312) 567-5075 for pricing, hours and directions. Gunsaulus held "chair" positions as a lecturer at Yale theological seminary in 1893 and professorial lecturer at the University of Chicago. The buildings under construction include Gunsaulus Hall, Carman Hall, Bailey Hall, Cunningham Hall, Fowler Hall, and the dorms which later came to be known as the McCormick Student Village. A bullet had passed through the window of their room and landed on their floor, which they found after returning to their room. The buildings framing system is composed of reinforced columns and deep perimeter spandrel beams, with a 5-inches thick reinforced concrete floor slab. Dr. Shannon was assisted by Gunsaulus' brother-in-law, Dr. Clarence T. Brown of the Austin Congregational Church, and Reverend Charles W. Gilkey of the Hyde Park Baptist Church. Pronouns . When Joseph F. Armour died in 1881, he left $100,000 for his brother, Philip D. Armour, the wealthy meatpacker and grain merchant, to establish a Sunday school. Dr. Gunsaulus died on March 17, 1921 at the age of 65 of heart failure. Gunsaulus continued to serve as president of the Institute until his death in 1921. Although the front entrance may be inaccessible to those with specific mobility needs, there is a public elevator that can be found in the building's rear entrance. Give me your sword!". . 1973. Photograph of Gunsaulus Hall, designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and constructed 1949-1950. These donors have named Chicago-Kent as the ultimate beneficiary of a planned gift. Often called Chicago's "First Citizen," Gunsaulus was involved in dozens of civic, educational, humanitarian and social enterprises throughout his residence in Chicago. SPC performed close-up 100 percent facade inspections from the swing . The building is clad in face brick supported by steel shelf angles anchored to the concrete spandrel beams at each floor. The building is clad in face brick supported by steel shelf angles anchored to the concrete spandrel beams at each floor. A post was made by the same students who reported the incident on the ITSC about this event, which sparked a large discussion and raised awareness on this issue. An avid reader, he collected many books, letters and autographs written by those who appealed to him. These were all reported on a Facebook comment on the Illinois Tech Student Community (ITSC) by a student who learned of these through the Citizen app, a free neighborhood watch app. Student Health and Wellness Center: Health and Counseling Services: (312) 567- 7550. Argonne National Laboratory Joint Appointment, Featuresstudio, one, and two-bedroom studio apartments, Staffed 24 hours a day by community desk assistants; students must use student IDs to enter the building and to pass the front desk, Updated kitchen appliances including oven, range, hood, and a refrigerator, Furnished with beds, desks, dressers, and desk chairs. Within Convocation Hall you can also find the Department of Musics fortepiano, harpsichord, and Casavant organ. He was also editor-in-chief for technical books published for the American School of Correspondence at Armour Institute of Technology. In the email, it was said that this was "a random and . Among other political friends he invited was President Howard Taft, who spoke at the 20th anniversary celebration at the Armour Institute. Authorities were notified and the Chicago Police Department came to examine the scene as well. please email IIT Public Safety: Emergency: (312) 808-6363 . Office of Communications and Marketing photographs, 1905-1999, 036.04.01. Unfortunately, this job posting is expired. Simmons Company, Inc., contractor 1949-50 3140 South Michigan Avenue Formerly/Also Known As: Gunsaulus Hall Apartments See this item on the map See this location on Google Maps See sources Collapse sources Have a question, correction, or a story that you'd like to share about this building? During Yocum's attendance, there will be an opportunity for the Senate to ask questions and share concerns from the student body regarding campus safety. Gunsaulus Hall, 1950, Box: 2. Scholarships and an alumni fundraising group are also named in his honor. Dan Marten. He then served as a very popular pastor in Newtonville, Massachusetts between 1881 and 1885 and at the Brown Memorial church in Baltimore between 1885 and 1887. As a Christian crusader, civic promoter and educational reformer, Gunsaulus generally did not participate in political matters. Building Reference files, 1896-2013, 037.06.01. With a massive performance space with a sprawling balcony, fixed theatre-style seating, and an audience capacity of 426 people, this building is where students in the Department of Music will spend much of their time. collection consists of a mix of primary and secondary source material relating to the buildings and campuses of the Illinois Institute of Technology and its predecessor institutions. Paul V. Galvin Library. The Butler-Gunsaulus Collection at the University of Chicago contains 340 American and European manuscripts and letters by authors such as John Adams, William Cullen Bryant, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Horace Greeley, Washington Irving, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, William Henry Seward, Frederick Douglass, and George Washington. Get notified about new Project Manager jobs in Canada. Apparently another incident happened at 4 a.m. in front of Gunsaulus Hall. Even just the day before this shooting, someone was shot on 31st and Wabash (the crosswalk at Keating Sports Center). Illinois Tech welcomes you to join our community of people who discover, create, and solve. Gunsaulus Hall, Illinois Institute of Technology Description 3140 South Michigan Avenue , Chicago, Illinois In collections Institutional Repository Details Department Illinois Tech Libraries Title Gunsaulus Hall, Illinois Institute of Technology Institution Illinois Institute of Technology Thankfully, both of them were not in the room when the shooting took place, and there were no injuries from the incident. Noting the success of the 1876 Centennial in Philadelphia, Gunsaulus was at the core of a small group of civic-minded leaders who promoted the fair as a means to push Chicago into the international spotlight as a center for commerce, education, architecture and the arts. During the process, students should also develop an appreciation for spiritual power, which inculcates values that are used to make sound judgments and restrain impulses. The students were moved temporarily to a room in North Hall of Rowe Village, and Illinois Tech Facilities fixed the damage the next morning. University Archives and Special Collections. Apply today, visit us in Chicago, and contact us for more information. Frank O. Lowden, Cyrus H. McCormick, Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis, Victor F. Lawson, O. He spoke out against pacifists and overly generous peace terms contemplated by President Wilson by replying rhetorically to Germany, "Master of wanton states with madness bold, I cannot trust your word. Gunsaulus Hall, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Ill., 1949 Date 1949 Description Photograph of Gunsaulus Hall, designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and constructed 1949-1950. Two Illinois Tech staff members called the students, apologizing for what happened, although the communication did not seem to go well. WE APPRECIATE THE OPPORTUNITY TO CONNECT WITH YOU ONLINE. YOU CAN FIND US ON. His funeral was held at New England Congregational Church in Chicago on March 19. Gunsaulus devoted much time to mobilize and shore up spiritual and moral forces behind the U.S. war effort, including speaking to soldiers before they shipped out to the European theater. 019.01.01, Student Housing brochures, 1948-1970, Folder 1, University Archives and Special Collections, Paul V. Galvin Library, Illinois Institute of Technology. A few hours later, shortly after midnight the next day, another report was filed to Public Safety by two student roommates living in the third floor of Gunsaulus Hall and their Residence Advisors who were on duty. The mission, at 31st and State streets, had started in 1874, just three years after the Great Chicago Fire. Includes shots of faculty and students in classrooms and laboratories, campus buildings (including interiors), campus grounds, campus activities (limited in number), and academic programs. Sign in to create your job alert for Project Manager jobs in Canada. Campus Maps 2011-2020. An IIT Alert email was sent out soon after the report, detailing the incident as well as the gunshots heard at 9:00 p.m. Photographer unknown. Flyer advertising available leases for Gunsaulus Hall apartments, posted in May 1952. Gunsaulus (GU) | Campus Map Gunsaulus (GU) at IIT Get or Share Directions To Gunsaulus (GU). During this period, he and Georgeanne had three children: Joseph Long (1877), Martha G. (1879) and Beatrice (1881). SPC performed close-up 100 percent facade inspections from the swing stage to observe and document conditions of distress. The lower floor houses the Harding Collection of European arms and armor. Gunsaulus Hall Gunsaulus Hall Features studio, one-, and two-bedroom studio apartments with updated kitchen appliances, window treatments, flooring, campus cable, five-digit dialing, internet access, and a community help desk. In 1854, Joseph married Mary Jane Hawley, who was born in Kentucky. This form is for requesting collections or collection components that you wish to consult during your in-person visit. Shots were fired around 33rd and Michigan, where the sororities and fraternities are located. Most photos are presumed to be taken by Communication and Marketing Office for various campus publications. Gunsaulus Hall: (312) 808-7492 . Gunsaulus lived in Chicago for 34 years where he was pastor of Plymouth Church (188799) and Central Church from 1899 until two years before his death. Miner, but Will Miner countered that his donation of $50,000 for new galleries would be on condition that they be named in Gunsaulus' honor. "I studied at IIT in the late '70s and early '80s as part of the last generation of architects trained under his full curriculum," he recalls. Miner the great need for a place for the objects of Industrial Art worth $225,000 which are now inadequately displayed. The students also mentioned in an interview that no one from the Residence Hall Department showed up even though they live on campus. The building is located at 3140 South Michigan Avenue. 35 mm slides (most in color) of various Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago) activities, ca. Anticipated date of visit (if applicable) Description of request. . Gunsaulus Hall Illinois Institute of Technology Housing Info Reviews +1 (312) 567-50-. Gunsaulus Hall, 1950, Box: 2. He also lectured for many years at the Chicago Theological Seminary and McCormick Theological Seminary. Many times he brought guest lecturers to his pulpit at Plymouth Congregational Church or to the Armour Institute. University Archives and Special Collections. Get email updates for new Project Manager jobs in Canada. petition to improve Illinois Techs campus safety: In 1887, Gunsaulus was called to the Plymouth Congregational Church in Chicago. Note: Gunsaulus Hall is a residential apartment building for third-year and above students. 900 Christopher Ln, STE 2 Springfield, IL 62712, Chicago Public Schools Managing Environmental Consultant, Northeastern Illinois University Ronald Williams Main Library, Illinois Institute of Technology Gunsaulus Hall Apartments, Nicor Gas Main Installation Construction Safety Audits, Chicago Transit Authority Substation Upgrades, Chicago Transit Authority CTA System-Wide Safety Consultant, Kiewit Infrastructure Company McCook Main Tunnel System, Chicago Transit Authority Red Line North Stations, Gary Housing Authority Hazardous Building Material Survey, Chicago Housing Authority LEED IEQ Testing, Chicago Department of Water Management Dehumidification Improvements, Chicago Department of Water Management Jardine Water Filtration Plant, Chicago Department of Water Management Limited Hazardous Building Materials Survey, Waste Management Industrial Hygiene Program Development, Public Building Commission of Chicago Hazardous Building Material, Chicago Public Schools Drinking Water Quality Testing, City of Colleges of Chicago Various IAQ Studies, City Colleges of Chicago Asbestos Emergency, University of Illinois at Chicago Limited Hazardous Building Material Survey, Northwestern Memorial Healthcare Asbestos Management Plan. Among the workers and teachers from Plymouth Church that assisted was Julia A. Beveridge, the mission librarian. In the wake of these, installing more Public Safety officers around the community would be offensively tone-deaf. Gunsaulus' death was noted in newspapers throughout the United States and England. His pallbearers were Philip Armour (III), Eugene Thomas, Charles Stridiron, Alfred Hodge, George Allison, and Raymond Thornberg. He was known by his classmates and professors to have a ravenous appetite for reading "the classics" coupled with a prodigious memory and a keen intellect. . Members of the Gunsaulus Society have expressed their commitment to IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law through a very special and important form of financial support. In cooperation with Underwriters Laboratories and the Western Actuarial Bureau, a scholarship fund was established and a curriculum developed for a new branch of engineering that incorporated noble goals in the service of mankind. A petition to help improve Illinois Techs campus safety was also created, which currently has nearly 450 signatures, though it has drawn criticism for including no concrete changes or suggestions. At that time, the Plymouth Church had a mission Sunday school to which Joseph F. Armour, a noted and wealthy Chicago merchant, had contributed liberally. 036.04.01, Office of Communications and Marketing photographs, 1905-1999, Box XX-3, Folder 2, University Archives and Special Collections, Paul V. Galvin Library, Illinois Institute of Technology. This job is no longer available, but here are similar jobs you might like. Below is a list of helpful and related links and resources for students who mayu need help or want to learn more: Gunsaulus Hall: Exterior (Apartment . Description of the Collection Black and white photographs (3"x3") of Illinois Institute of Technology campus construction sites, including the removal of historical Bronzeville buildings on campus circa 1950-1959. Illinois Institute of Technology. From The Saturday Morning Herald, November 6, 1915 "It was Dr. Gunsaulus who pointed out to Mr. By creating this job alert, you agree to the LinkedIn User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Main Campus Emergency: 1.312.808.6363 The apartment also comeswith a couch, dining room table andchairs, and kitchen appliances (gas range and refrigerator). This building is referred to as "Arts and Convocation Hall (A)" in class descriptions and on the University's. Most events taking place in this building will be on the main floor. In 1908, he rebuked a religious issue in the 1908 Taft-Bryan presidential campaign (Taft's Unitarianism was harshly criticized) and used European history to point out the risks of religious bigotry. Gunsaulus Hall (Chicago, Ill.)College buildingsDormitoriesAdvertising fliers, Copyright Undetermined, Gunsaulus Hall (Chicago, Ill.) Organization . He was also notably involved with the Illinois Industrial Training School for Boys, now called the Glenwood School for Boys and Girls. Gunsaulus was convinced that the Great Fire of Chicago in 1871 could have caused less damage if fire prevention and protection were taken seriously. 1952-05. The school first offered courses in engineering, chemistry, architecture and library science. Competing against other major U.S. cities, Chicago business leaders committed $5million to the fair and promised another $5million if the city were selected. Morgan Construction and Environmental Ltd. In 1893, he was named first president of Armour Institute of Technology (now Illinois Institute of Technology). . Gunsaulus Scholastic Academy is dedicated to nurturing and developing a community of passionate, loving, and respectful life-long learners and leaders who empower themselves as global citizens. Internal improvements to Illinois Tech Public Safety obviously need to be made, which dont need to have a detrimental impact on community relationships, but this alone cannot prevent shootings from happening. From the Collection: Illinois Institute of Technology (Organization) Physical Storage Information Box: 2 (Mixed Materials) Repository Details Part of the Paul V. Galvin Library. . Gunsaulus - Apartment (2 Bed) LOADING - Rowe Village - Apartment (2 Bed) Gunsaulus - Apartment (4 Bed) LOADING - Gunsaulus - Apartment (4 Bed) Learn more. Residents contract for an individual space within an apartment and residents may select their own roommates. Gunsaulus Hall, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Ill., 1949 Description Photograph of Gunsaulus Hall, designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and constructed 1949-1950. The mission's members were to be non-sectarian without restrictions on race, creed or class. Increased Illinois Tech Public Safety presence in the surrounding community is not the answer to these campus safety problems, however, as discussions of policing were sparked in the comments underneath the students post and petition. An IIT Alert email was sent out soon after the report, detailing the incident as well as the gunshots heard at 9:00 p.m. Promoted placement and improved company listing. Gunsaulus declared that if he had a million dollars, he would start a school to help the young prepare for work in the new industrial age. Gunsaulus Hall Council, 1955, Box: 13. Illinois Tech has also gained notoriety from several instances of assaults on students by paintball guns and pellet guns. This calls for a long-term initiative through community outreach, engagement and economic change, which will require time and resources from Illinois Tech and the city of Chicago. Paul V. Galvin Library . In 1893, he was named divinity lecturer at Yale theological seminary and was professorial lecturer at the University of Chicago. To honor his contributions to Chicago education, the Frank W. Gunsaulus Scholastic Academy was named for him. While in Baltimore, Gunsaulus spent considerable time at the Johns Hopkins University Library and made contact with faculty members and students. The apartment alsocomes with a couch and kitchen appliances (gas range and refrigerator). technical program manager. After Gunsaulus arrived in Chicago, he noted the effectiveness of Beveridge at the mission. (1884) and Helen C. (1886) to their family. He believed in an orderly and disciplined universe; therefore, science and math appealed to him. Notables included Booker T. Washington, who implored students and church-goers to help solve "the Negro problem." Gunsaulus Hall, 35. iPhone Android Link to this map: Find Anything on the IIT Campus Map: Gunsaulus Hall Illinois Institute of Technology . However, he was called upon many times to express his opinions on important matters of the day, particularly those that involved moral issues. . His favorite lectures were about William Ewart Gladstone, considered one of the greatest British prime ministers, and Girolamo Savonarola, the 15th century Dominican priest in Florence, Italy. Campus housing is available on a first-come, first-servebasis. Gunsaulus also donated valuable 13th-, 14th-, and 15th-century manuscripts to the Ohio Weslayan Library including works by Robert Browning, William Shakespeare, and Galileo; Roman papyri; illuminated hymnals, and an original King James Bible.
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