Coronavirus update from Cyprus by Pafilia Property Developers

Posted By Paul Xumsai on April 04, 2020 in Webinars & Virtual Seminars

As the coronavirus currently rages against most countries in the world, even some of the most advanced countries find themselves badly unprepared. We learned from the SARS epidemic some years ago and the effective fast implementation of effective measures during the current crisis to contain the spread.

One glaring exception in Europe has been the small island of Cyprus, who early took determined measures towards two directions; to break the infection chain and block the infection of the population, and to shield the economy.

The President of the Republic of Cyprus, quickly announced measures; limiting business and public sector operations, banning passenger flights for two weeks, and imposing partial curfew to limit unnecessary movements, unless it concerns work and essentials like purchase of supplies, doctor visits, pharmacy visits, and aid to vulnerable groups. The measures taken proved to be effective and helped to keep the spread at manageable levels.

At the same time, based on the economic growth of Cyprus the past few years, the Cyprus Government, decisively took fiscal, financial and liquidity measures to support the population, the general health system and the business society. It is worth to mention, that this package exceeds 3 billion euro, an enormous amount for the size of Cyprus and the biggest ever taken in the island, on order to tackle the shockwaves caused by Covid-19.

In order to respond to the new context, Pafilia has taken its own steps by implementing a comprehensive action plan. To protect our employees and to secure business operations, we introduced working from home policies to greatly reduce the number of people in our office locations and maintain social distancing by holding virtual meetings and conference calls. Off course, that wouldn’t have been possible without the commitment and professionalism of our people.

To overcome the crisis, the collegiality among the Cyprus Government, business society and the public sector is absolutely essential. Fortunately, the proven determination of all stakeholders, as well as the social and collective responsibility of all Cypriots, repeatedly exhibited in the past, will be decisively to overcome this ordeal and return back to normal the soonest.

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