Posted By Chada Trithavornyuenyong on December 28, 2020 in Real Estate Associations

RE AGENTS JAPAN is an real estate association in Japan. The organization wants to instill the idea of giving priority to the interests of the customers in an environment that is commonplace in Japan.

RE AGENT Philosophy

  • Improving the qualities and status of agents involved in the real estate industry
  • Research and practice on pursuit and method of customer interest
  • Research and proposals on what the business should be in anticipation of changes in the market and industry

RE AGENTS Representatives:

1. Anna Araki, Representative Director

2. Maria Nakamura, Representative Director of Tender Living Co., Ltd.

3. Tomoko Sugawara, CEO of SREM Co., Ltd.

4. Chie Yagi, Representative Director of Ewar Agent Co., Ltd.

5. Keiichi Kojima, Representative Director of K'S Signature Co., Ltd.

6. Ai Nishioka, Representative Director of AI ESTATE Co., Ltd.

7. Aimi Ito, CEO of Graces Co., Ltd.

8. Endo Aso Minoru, Representative Director of M Life Co., Ltd.

9. Kinoshita Aspiration, Office Kinoshita Co., Ltd.

10. Robinson Kaori, Representative Director of Jade Real Estate Co., Ltd.

11. Maya Takehara, Representative Director of VivitBase Co., Ltd.

12. Hifumi Seto, Seto Construction Co., Ltd., President's Office Manager

13. Yuri Oguro, Representative Director of Japan Create Co., Ltd.

14. Yaeko Sudo, Director of Gaia Field Co., Ltd.

15. Noriko Nakajima, Director of E-Horizon Co., Ltd.

16. Yuri Hotta, Representative of Smirule

17. Emiko Ishido, Pearl House Co., Ltd.

18. Kanako Inoue, Representative Director of Housing Concierge Co., Ltd.

19. Junmi Taguchi, Rio Trust Co., Ltd., Manager

20. Yuki Ohira, Representative of Creative Partners Co., Ltd.

21. Michiyo Kataoka, CoeuR Corporation

22. Ayumi Kawagishi, Saki Yui Life Planning Co., Ltd.