What’s Your Real Estate New Year’s Resolution for 2021?

Posted By Paul Xumsai on January 10, 2021 in Career

What’s Your Real Estate New Year’s Resolution for 2021?

For many of us, 2020 is a year to forget. With the Covid-19 virus hitting epic proportion on a global scale, life, as we knew it changed. The world shutdown it’s borders with travel restriction. Social distancing and isolation becomes the lifestyle change. 

With vaccines rolling out worldwide, it’s time to put your 2021 business plan in action as we look forward to a much more positive year!

It’s important to keep your COVID-related policies in place until we see the elimination of the coronavirus. Be ready to adapt.

As real estate is our way of life, we need to commit to some important values. 

Here are some ideas for your real estate resolutions:


Customer service is a cornerstone of a healthy real estate business. Make sure you reach out to all of your clients regularly. Make them a part of your life. Many buyers and sellers are likely to be more active in 2021. Will you be there for them? Providing the best possible customer service will help you attract more sales.


One thing is certain. Real estate has become more of an online transaction. Meetings are being conducted over Zoom or Go-To-Meeting conferencing platform. Showings are conducted using virtual tours. And documents are signed electronically. Continue to move your business online for the future.


Real estate burnout is real. With the vast majority of real estate agents working solely on commission, the pressure to sell can be intense. Pay attention to your physical and mental health. Don’t forget to prioritize your personal life. Make time for yourself and your family.

2021 should be a better, more positive year all-around for you, your family and your business. What are your New Year resolutions?